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It is important to mention beforehand that an MBA is heavy investment of time and money. With fees of institutes offering MBA without CAT in Raipur or CAT hovering in excess of a million rupees for the two year program, it is one of the most expensive professional course in existence.
If you are planning to choose a right management school to apply to, it is natural for you to experience a certain amount of anxiousness owing to the mountain of questions swirling in your head. There are quite a few questions that are known to give many, or possibly a majority, of MBA students some really sleepless nights. There is concern about admission( can I gain admission?), cost of the MBA program( will I be able to afford it?), flexibility( can it work with my schedule?), location( will I be able to adjust to the new city?), etc.
Engineers are a vital clog in creation of a knowledge based economy and it has fuelled a global demand for qualified professionals who can design forward thinking solutions. However, it is important to note that your job prospects depends to a large extent on your technical competence and your ability to design forward looking solutions without losing sight of the big picture.
Biotechnology is a fast growing sector and holds tremendous potential in a country like India where it is still in its nascent stage. Biotechnology can be defined as controlled and premeditated genetic manipulation of biological systems like living cells or cell components to develop technologies and products that seek to improve the overall quality of our lives and improve the condition of our planet.